Educational background : Beaux Arts, DNSEP Degree

Class of Aesthetics at the University of Lyon

From 1960 : research on enameling and engraving.

Silver medal from the "Société d'Encouragement au Progrès" in 1965

Intervention at the Art School of Saint-Etienne in 1973 and 1974 for the workshop "Transparence".

Laureate of the National Contest of the City of Créteil for the l'Ormetteau Development Project in 1981.

First Prize at the Departmental Contest of Arts Craftwork in 1988 (SEMA).

First Prize at the Departmental Contest of Plastic Arts in 1989.

Its team makes Studio BALAYN multidisciplinary: creative stained glass painters (affiliated to the Maison des Artistes) with a well-established and recognized practice. The same artists realize the models and then the actual works. Thus there is no subcontracting and one of the outstanding characteristics of the Studio is its family structure.

Studio BALAYN collaborates with architects and city planners to create imaginary and symbolic spaces and to participate in the creation of structuring space elements.

The diversity of materials, colors and techniques provides a wide plastic richness.

The numerous stained glass creations are designed for spaces which can be public, private or religious (reference to Historical Buildings).

Dialoguing with our clients and taking into account the environment, we execute a model which is submitted to their approval before starting the actual performance.

Occasionally, Studio BALAYN works with artists from other fields for the realization of their projects

Studio BALAYN puts its technical skills at the service of the most contemporary creations as well as of the restoration and preservation of antique stained glass.


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